Drink Water to Lose Weight

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One of the most important tips is to drink water to lose weight. Many people have the mistaken belief that water retention and water weight comes about from drinking water. In fact, drinking water flushes out salt and alcohol – two of the most common causes of water retention. Others causes are long periods of inactivity and progesterone deficiency in women.

How Does it Work?

Naturally suppresses appetite

Drinking a glass of water before meals, suppresses appetite. You eat less and get a feeling of “fullness” without the added calories. Often we misinterpret thirst and hunger, causing us to overeat. Those “hunger pangs” may actually be dehydration. By drinking water first, you can see if you are still hungry.

Increasing metabolism

For your cells to metabolize food and create energy, they need hydration. Every chemical reaction in your body (including metabolism) needs water. We need it to deliver oxygen and nutrients to where our body needs them and to detoxify.

A study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism – 2003 Dec: 88(12):6015-9, found a glass of water could boost metabolism by 30% in both men and women. Part of this effect (40%) comes from the body needing to warm up the cold water.

Drinking water will help your body break down and eliminate fat. It improves kidney function and rids the body of excess waste. Dehydration makes you tired; it disrupts oxygen levels, kidney and liver functions.

Muscle Mass and Function

Our bodies need water for all of the complex daily chemical reactions, such as energy production, muscle building, and fat burning. The amount and functioning of your muscles determine the rate you burn calories. Increasing your metabolic rate is the most important way to lose weight.

Even mild dehydration can reduce muscle performance, endurance and the ability to exercise. It is extremely difficult to exercise when you feel drowsy, irritable or can’t focus. For muscles to grow, your cells need fluid. Several studies show dehydration destroys muscle.

Replaces High Calorie / Insulin Spiking Sodas

Drinking water is a powerful alternative to the consumption of soft drinks, including “diet sodas”. Water has no caffeine and no calories. Even though diet sodas have no calories, the sweetness triggers insulin production. Insulin is our fat storing hormone. Finding nothing to turn into energy, it stimulates appetite instead, causing us to overeat.

Regulates bowel movements

Constipation can be your worst weight loss nightmare. If your body is unable to eliminate harmful toxins, it does the next best thing and stores them safely in fat cells. This is how detox diets can help you lose weight.

Staying Hydrated

  • If you don’t like water, it’s often because you only have experience with tap water. Chlorinated water is DISGUSTING and unhealthy too. Would you drink out of a swimming pool? Get a water filter and learn to love water as nature intended.
  • Drinks that take water from your body include sodas, coffee, tea and alcohol. Match them one for one. For each coffee / soda, drink an additional glass of water. Salty food can increase your water needs as the body rebalances itself.
  • Hot weather, air-conditioning, heating and exercise can all dehydrate you. If it is hot, drink more water.
  • For every half-hour of sweat-inducing exercise, you should drink at least one glass of water.
  • If you are thirsty, it means you are already dehydrated.

NLP Help:

  • Create a drink water habit with future pacing
  • Overcome negative associations about drinking water with NLP anchoring techniques.
  • You can use NLP Swish to associate water to a more powerful you.
  • What are your modal operators about water? “I have to drink water” can make it a chore rather than a pleasure. How about “I get to drink water”?

Hypnosis Help:

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Hypnosis Downloads MP3 – Drink More Water

Hypnosis Downloads MP3 – Stop Drinking Soda