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Walking to Lose Weight

How can you use walking to lose weight you may ask? After all, it may not seem to burn very many calories. Many of those – “if you aren’t sweating and vomiting, you aren’t really exercising” people dismiss walking as pointless. Running, jogging, weight lifting, calisthenics may all burn more calories per hour, but you […]


Running to Lose Weight

Running to lose weight can be a powerful option if you enjoy it. In particular, running can reduce stress hormones like cortisol – a big culprit in abdominal fat. The purpose of cortisol and adrenaline, released during the fight/flight response is to give us the resources to get away from that tiger (or whack him). […]


Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

We all want to know the best exercises to lose weight quickly. Most of us have busy lives and don’t have time to waste. There are two basic kinds of exercise, aerobic and muscle building. They both target weight loss in different ways. By integrating both kinds into your everyday activities, you can have the […]