How to Increase Testosterone

We can all gain from learning how to increase testosterone. Testosterone’s beneficial effects with respect to weight control are primarily from it’s role in developing muscle mass.

Many of the ways to increase testosterone are chicken/egg things. Reducing body fat for instance increases testosterone, and increased testosterone reduces body fat. A nice reinforcing cycle.

Increasing with NLP and hypnosis

  1. Increase your psychological status. Studies have found that particularly in men a decrease in status (feeling dominated or defeated)lowers testosterone. A man’s testosterone levels for instance plummet after losing in sport. In women menopause is associated with a loss of confidence (at least in Western cultures). NLP techniques to increase confidence, self esteem and self efficacy or to deal with anxiety and depression can have profound effects on hormone levels
  2. Keep cortisol under control by dealing with stress and developing good eating habits. The endocrine system produces this vital hormone which must be kept in balance. Because the precursor to both cortisol and testosterone is pregnenolone, when cortisol rises, testosterone falls. Studies show stress, particularly excessive exercise increases cortisol. Cortisol also increases with excess insulin, so the best way to deal with cortisol is to control insulin. Dealing with emotional eating and sugar cravings can prevent those insulin spikes.
  3. Get sufficient deep wave sleep. Adequate quality sleep ensures healthy hormone release. It is also vital for muscle and tissue repair and maintenance.

Make sure you have the building blocks

Hamburger patties If you don’t have adequate amounts of the basics, your levels of testosterone will suffer.

  1. We create testosterone in our bodies using cholesterol. You need to get sufficient quality fats in your diet. Many people are paranoid about fats and cholesterol. There is a big difference between good and bad cholesterol. Your liver produces cholesterol and it needs certain nutrients to do that.

Healthy fats are vital to produce testosterone. Essential Fatty Acids, especially omega 3s are vital. Most of us don’t get enough.

  • To produce testosterone, apart from Essential Fatty Acids, you need adequate Zinc, magnesium vitamins B5, B6 and Boron
  • For the functioning of reproductive organs, you need vitamin A
  • You need vitamin C to convert pregnenolone to testosterone.
  • Adequate levels of protein

Foods and Supplements

  1. Smaller, more frequent meals regulate hormones overall.
  2. Limit alcohol. Alcohol increases conversion to estrogen in men, upsetting the testosterone/estradiol balance.
  3. Supplements such as Tongkat Ali (aka Asian Viagra) and Tribulus Terrestris
  4. Control your insulin. Simple refined carbs cause insulin spikes. Excess insulin creates excess cortisol, which causes testosterone to drop.


  1. Increase muscle mass. More muscle mass means more testosterone and more testosterone means more muscle mass. It’s an upward spiral, or downward if you are losing muscle mass.
  2. Reduce body fat. Once again an upward or downward spiral – less fat means more testosterone and more testosterone means less fat. Excess insulin is the main culprit in sending the spiral the other way.
  3. Increase sexual activity. Use it or lose it. More sex creates more testosterone and more testosterone increases your libido.
  4. Weight training. This is the easiest way to increase testosterone. Keep moving with only short rests to build optimum muscle. Be careful not to over exercise – once the cortisol gets going the testosterone decreases.
  5. Aerobic training. Moderate aerobic exercise helps decrease body fat and as seen in point 14 this increases testosterone. It doesn’t affect it directly. Excessive exercise (aerobic or weight training) increases cortisol, which reduces testosterone.