Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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Success with self hypnosis for weight loss depends on focusing on the most promising target. By understanding which specific behaviors you can influence, you will get closer to your goal Which piece of the puzzle will make the biggest difference?

These instant inexpensive hypnosis downloads allow you to make changes in the privacy of your own home in your own time.

Overcoming bad eating habits

  • Control Comfort Eating
    Comfort eating: using foods high in simple carbohydrates as ‘medication’. Foods such as bread, cookies and cakes are often used as relaxants without your conscious mind even being aware of what’s been happening.
  • Lose Your Sweet Tooth or Sugar Addiction
    We all know that sweet food can be tempting. It’s readily available, habit forming and can taste good. But within that sugar-coated exterior lurks extreme danger.
  • Stop binge eating
    Binge eating can take over a person’s life, leading to stockpiling of fattening foods, and planning when to privately “pig out”
  • Overcome Chocolate Addiction
    Helps you to eliminate the temptation of munching on chocolate every day.

Stopping emotional eating

  • Stop emotional eating
    Emotional needs can easily become confused with physical ones. And when physical hunger and emotional hunger begin to feel similar, emotional eating can become a major problem.
  • Boredom eating
    Many people steadily notch up the calories by eating when they are bored. Perhaps the afternoon is dragging at work or looking after the kids starts to feel routine.
  • Being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely
    Fear of being alone can make you feel very insecure. If you fear being alone you may become over needy of other people and feel as if you must be around people at all times.

Increasing your motivation to lose weight

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Increasing metabolism

Enjoying healthy foods

  • Crave Healthy Foods
    It’s difficult to retrain your body to want healthier foods. Fast food is an easy option and often cheaper than wholesome food; so who can blame you for grabbing the nearest convenience meal?
  • Eat more vegetables (and fruit!) – and enjoy it
    Many have been turned off from eating the wonderful fruits and vegetables that nature offers us in such abundance.
  • Awaken Your Taste Buds
    Desensitized taste buds can mean missing out on some of the real pleasures in life. Food and drink becomes bland and unappetizing.

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Staying hydrated

  • Drink more water
    Drinking plenty of water speeds your metabolism, makes you think more clearly keeps your blood and blood pressure healthy and makes your muscles and bones work better.
  • Stop drinking soda
    Soda drinks have become the biggest source of empty calories in the US diet. Drinking too much soda causes massive dehydration.

Exercising More

  • Increase your motivation to exercise
    The Keep Exercising hypnosis download boosts that unconscious drive so that exercise becomes a habit.
  • Crave exercise We all know exercise is good for us; it’s finding the time and drive that we find difficult. We feel too tired or we’re just too busy to exercise.
  • Get yourself walking more
    You’ll find yourself carried away on many walking expeditions, minor and major, and enjoying every minute. You’ll be delighted with how easy and natural it is to make this change and begin to walk more.
  • Keep running to greater fitness and faster times
    Zen running is that meditative state of pure ease you experience when running becomes effortless. Some people call this “runner’s high” when natural opiates kick in.

Increasing Your Muscle Mass

  • Increase your muscle mass. We all know exercise is good for us; it’s finding the time and drive that we find difficult. We feel too tired or we’re just too busy to exercise.

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Improving your sleep

  • Restorative Healing Sleep
    Sleep is nature’s way of letting your body regenerate and heal. But sometimes sleep can be affected by: worries and anxieties; emotional problems and stress.
  • Beat Insomnia into Sleepy Submission
    Insomnia causes exhaustion and irritability. There’s nothing worse than lying awake worrying about the fact that you’re lying awake.
  • Enjoy Deep Sleep
    It’s annoying to be lying awake worrying about not getting enough sleep. You watch the minutes tick by, knowing you will feel terrible when it’s time to get up.
  • No More Nightmares
    Nightmares can seem so real that we wake up terrified. It can get so bad that we put off going to sleep just to avoid the panic.
  • Discover how to fall asleep fast
    Not being able to go to sleep quickly is very frustrating, especially when it becomes a regular sleep pattern.