Ways to Increase Metabolism with Activity

Body builder training with weights

Here are four ways to increase metabolism with activity. Activity is the most powerful way to increase metabolism.

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  1. Increase muscle mass

    Increasing muscle mass may be one of the most important ways to increase metabolism. Muscle cells burn about 70 times more calories than fat cells, with every pound of muscle burning 40 – 120 calories a day.

    On average, we lose 5% of our muscle mass every 10 years. We might even stay the same weight with less muscle. Meaning we need 5% less calories per decade.

    Studies have shown that decreasing muscle mass may be wholly responsible for age related Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) decline

    Resistance exercise – weights, Pilates etc develop muscle. Stress, particularly diet stress decreases muscle mass via cortisol breakdown of muscles. Protein deficiency causes our body repair mechanisms to cannibalize muscle for needed raw materials.

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  2. Exercise

    Exercise increases metabolism while doing it. Not all studies agree how much of an effect it has on metabolism afterwards. Over the long term, building lung capacity from aerobic exercise increases metabolism.

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    Many of us have serious issues about exercise. We think we have to have some unpleasant routine and tough it out. We might say our associations aren’t useful.

    • NLP anchoring can create new and powerful associations.
    • When we define exercise though as anything that increases breathing and heart rate, lots more pleasant things come to mind. What fun activities can you have more of? NLP Reframing can create positive perspectives about exercise. Is it working out or becoming stronger and healthier?
    • How is your languaging? Do you have to exercise or do you get to exercise? Our modal operators powerfully influence how we feel about our everyday activities.
  3. Increase your testosterone

    Testosterone is the hormone needed to build muscle mass. Everyone needs testosterone; it’s not just a guy thing. The more muscle, the more mitochondria and the faster the metabolism.

    We generally lose 5-10lb muscle each decade. What this means is we need 5% fewer calories at 30 and 10% at age 40.

    We don’t get testosterone from food; our bodies make it. Learn how to increase testosterone.

  4. Increase activity overall

    A study found that overweight people move 2hrs less per day than slim people do. It found that fidgeting – getting up from the chair more often, moving a little faster can speed up your metabolism. In fact, any movement speeds metabolism.

    Think about it – if you move more you will burn more calories; faster exercise burns more calories. The faster your mitochondria convert food and oxygen to energy the faster your metabolism.

    Type A personality got a bad name. We were all supposed to become more like type B’s – placid, accepting. The important link between Type A’s impatience and restlessness and an increase in cardio risk factors was HOSTILITY.

    Restlessness is useful as long as you aren’t hostile or chronically stressed. Being too laid back can increase your risk of obesity.

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    Do you see yourself as a laid-back person? For many people conserving energy and chilling is part of identify. Some NLP techniques; Anchoring, Reframing, NLP Swish

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Increasing metabolism through activity acts as a reinforcing cycle. The more energy you have, the more you want to do. The more you do, the more energy you have. The opposite is also true – the less you do, the less you feel like doing.