Ways to Increase Metabolism with Food

Here are five ways to increase metabolism with food. Eating inappropriate food is the most powerful way to decrease metabolism.

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  1. Get high quality food

    Your body cannot digest, build and give you lots of energy without high quality food. The phytonutrient content is the most important factor to consider when choosing food.

    Counting calories emphasizes the wrong thing. If you don’t have all the nutrients you need, your body will demand more food until it gets them. Many people in affluent countries are nutrient starved while drowning in food.

    It is very difficult to get enough nutrients and co factors from processed food. Food also loses nutrients the longer it is stored or transported.

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  2. Get adequate protein, carbohydrates and fats

    salmon-and-vegesMany of us have become paranoid about eating carbs and fats. We need all three major body building blocks to function and maintain health and energy. Leaving out carbs, protein or healthy fats can have a devastating effect on metabolism

    A diet that is too low carb can make you dehydrated and toxic from digesting too much protein.

    A diet that is too low fat can lead to depression and brain inflammation. Our brain needs fatty acids, particularly omega 3s to work well.

    A diet without adequate protein leads to muscle loss, a major factor in lowered metabolism. It also explains why on average peoples metabolism drops by 2% for each calorie restrictive diet they go on.

    Muscle cannibalism often accompanies fast weight loss. When there aren’t enough amino acids (from protein) for essential body repairs, your body tears down muscle or other tissues to get them.

  3. Keep insulin levels stable

    Insulin is a hormone that regulates the way we metabolize glucose, fat, and protein (and convert them to energy). Insulin enables fat cells to absorb excess glucose as fat storage.

    When we eat simple or refined carbs like sugar or processed white grains that break down fast, we digest them very quickly and our blood sugar rises rapidly.

    Our pancreas releases insulin in response. A blood sugar spike, releases a large amount of insulin. The insulin enables entry into our cells for use or storage. A lot of insulin brings down blood sugar quickly and slows metabolism. That’s why some people feel exhausted an hour or two after eating – and crave an instant sugary snack. This rise and plummet rollercoaster causes havoc with metabolism.

    Slow burning carbs, ones with fibre or in their natural state like whole fruit, vegetables (as opposed to juice) and whole grains allow gradual insulin release and sustained energy.

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  4. Eat less more often

    Having healthy snacks or even dividing lunch and having two smaller meals keeps metabolism bubbling along. Make sure you keep portion sizes small – eating three extra meals on top of what you usually have is not going to help anyone’s metabolism.

  5. Listen to your body and eat when you are hungry

    Food deprivation and skipping meals drops metabolism and makes your body hang on to its reserves.

    Studies have found skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity by 450%. After 12 hours without food, metabolism drops by 40%. It’s like a bear going into hibernation. All its processes slow to enable the fat it has stored to last as long as possible.

    Likewise, skipping meals slows the body’s processes so it can sustain itself longer. Think about it, have you ever been short of cash before payday? Do you splurge and use up your remaining funds at the same rate, or ration everything out so it lasts?

    NLP Help:

    • Future pacing and mental rehearsal can help you develop habits like making time to prepare and eat wholesome meals.
    • Being in-tune with your body and its needs is a vital part of health. Many people override hunger signals either in the mistaken belief that less calories = weight loss or that communication from the body isn’t important.
    • Do you have health as a high priority? Values work can change your priorities.
    • Paul McKenna’s book “I Can Make You Thin” is an excellent resource for dealing with this problem.

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