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Insulin Resistance Symptoms

Spotting insulin resistance symptoms (pre diabetes type 2) before they become a real problem can make a huge difference to your long-term health. In the US, 1 in 4 or 68 million people have insulin resistance. 23.6 million have full blown diabetes (with 5.7 million being unaware they have the disease). 90-95% of these diabetics […]


How to lose Belly Fat

The problem of how to lose belly fat is really one of insulin resistance and cortisol control, rather than of abdominal exercise or certain foods. While there are many gimmicks about how to get rid of unflattering belly fat, there’s no “magic bullet” that targets abdominal fat in particular. This article explains the causes and […]


How to Increase Testosterone

We can all gain from learning how to increase testosterone. Testosterone’s beneficial effects with respect to weight control are primarily from it’s role in developing muscle mass. Many of the ways to increase testosterone are chicken/egg things. Reducing body fat for instance increases testosterone, and increased testosterone reduces body fat. A nice reinforcing cycle.


How does insulin work?

How does insulin work naturally in our bodies? We can get this fat storing/using hormone working for us rather than against us. The main function of insulin is to facilitate energy production in our cells. Insulin is a hormone, so it is a messenger. It communicates to cells to let in and convert glucose. Ideally, […]

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